AERA Executive Director Jill Jackson.

Janice Charlesworth Photo

As the fall season kicks off, now is the right time to attend your retired local unit meetings (or university campus meetings) and connect with other like-minded retired education professionals in your community. These meetings will provide valuable information for retirees on what is currently happening within their local communities and school campuses. Local unit presidents and officers will also provide updates from the state office. In addition, interesting programs are planned that correlate with retirees’ interests. Local units are also actively involved in group community service projects, local and state legislative advocacies, scholarship awards, and much more! Lastly, and probably most importantly, is the fellowship and comradery that members experience with other retired educators.

AERA relies heavily on its 70+ local retiree groups in providing a strong component to our legislative campaigns (with statewide AERA call-to-action requests), statewide community service projects, and the annual awarding of $18,000.00 in Alabama Education Retirees Foundation scholarships to active educators each year. Local retired units are what help to keep AERA strong at the state level. AERA appreciates each one of its members. AERA members make the difference! If you don’t belong to a local group yet, contact the state office at 800.537.6867. We will be happy to assist you in finding a local unit near you!

The saying, “We are stronger together” is truly an understatement on what has been and what will be accomplished for the benefit of all public education retirees as we stand unified across this state.


Jill Jackson – AERA Executive Director.