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Janice J. Charlesworth

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It’s football season in Alabama! That means Pop Warner, middle school, high school, and of course college games every week until mid-December. Folks around town talk stats on players, how their team played or didn’t play. It is an exciting time for football fans.

 The Annual District 6 Meeting featured a football “Kick-Off” theme led by District 6 Director Joy Seybold aka the Head Referee. AERA President Teresa Noell was the Commissioner of the league with many supporting coaches and players. The message of “kicking-off a great year with AERA” was very well received.

My role was Head Coach of AERA. I decided to use “The Process” utilized by The University of Alabama Head Football Coach Nick Saban. I believe this process can be utilized in many areas including AERA’s upcoming year. “The Process” has several steps that we can apply to our work including:

• Don’t defeat yourself before you get started with negative thoughts. Each year the AERA Board of Directors and staff believe we will grow our membership and be successful.

• Seize the moment. Each time you meet an education retiree who is not a member, urge them to join AERA and be on the winning team.

Nobody succeeds without help from others. It takes team effort. AERA’s team consists of our members across the state.

• Stay focused. In the upcoming 2018 Legislation Session, Senator Gerald Dial is sponsoring a 13th check bill for all TRS participants. Our team will need to push this bill through the House and Senate to score a big victory!

• Be persistent. I believe retired educators know how to stay on task! Never give in or give up.

• Expect competition. There will be those who don’t want to see retirees get ahead. Be prepared.

• Believe in others and be a team player. It is important to remember we all need to carry the

same message. We need to know the playbook.

• Believe you will succeed. Have faith in our future endeavors and AERA will be successful.

I hope your team has great success this year! Maybe your grandson is playing on the high school football team or your granddaughter is a cheerleader. They practice hard and prepare each week. Your hard work promoting and protecting your benefits will pay off with a secure financial future.


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Janice J. Charlesworth