New Executive Director
Mrs. Jackson

Janice Charlesworth Photo

As quoted by Henry Ford, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” The process of teamwork was recognized by many successful people including Henry Ford. People often wonder when moving forward in an organized group effort if there is something tangible—“What’s in it for me?” The answer and evidence prove that WE all win when we ALL win!

AERA is the only association that looks out for the interests and benefits of public education retirees, and AERA always has YOUR best interest in mind as we move and Focus Forward on the pension and insurance issues that affect every area of retirement living. We will band together as one, so we can voice our concerns and causes with our loud “teacher voice” and
in doing so, the success will take care of itself.

The 2018 election season is quickly approaching, and your personal vote counts now more than ever as we exercise our collective voting power. Winston Churchill stated, “Politics is not a game, but a serious business!” Your pension and insurance issues are decided upon by the very people that voters send to the State House. Every election is determined by the people who decide to show up to vote. Please do not sit idle…VOTE! Let’s move forward in seeking legislators who are friendly to public education retirees’ issues, and vote them into offices around the state!