AARP Alabama Call to Action

Retirees, our calls worked the last time on the bill to change the health care delivery and related costs.

Please place another call and share this with your friends. Make your voices heard. — Janice Charlesworth, Executive Director – AERA


Please contact your representative TODAY and ask him/her to vote “NO” on HB314.

HB314 is a bad bill that would increase fees and interest rates on small dollar loans.  This bill, sponsored by Rep. Ken Johnson, would more than double the allowable interest on certain loans targeting lower-income Alabamians.

A vote on the House floor is expected today (4/25).  It is critically important that legislators hear your voice.

Regulation of predatory lending is already woefully inadequate in Alabama.  Meaningful reform is needed.  But HB314 is a step in the wrong direction.

You can reach your representatives at (334) 242-7600, and please leave a message if necessary.

If you aren’t sure who that is, you can find out by clicking here

Too many older Alabamians who’ve fallen on tough times are being aggressively targeted by payday lenders. Veterans, people with disabilities, and those living on Social Security can be too trusting of slick sales pitches when they are struggling to pay their bills. These predatory lenders are wrecking the lives of families throughout Alabama, taking money out of our economy in the process.

Special laws in Alabama allow lenders to offer payday loans at triple-digit interest rates – up to 456 percent!

AARP is working with the Alabama Responsible Lenders Alliance (ARLA), a coalition of leading organizations across our state, and asking our legislature to clamp down on the predatory practices of payday and auto title lenders. We are joining ARLA, and its member groups, in a call to action.

Be sure to like AARP Alabama’s Facebook page so you can get up to date information as we work the legislative session. 

Call 334-242-7600 today and say NO TO HB 314!

Sample script

Hello. I’d like to leave a message for Representative____________.

My name is ____________, and I am your constituent.

It is past time to fix Alabama’s small dollar lending laws, and HB314 doesn’t do the job. We need a strong bill.


Thanks, everyone!  Working together, we can make it happen!

Anna Pritchett
AARP Alabama